What is language interpretation?

Interpretation is the oral transmittal of a message from one language into another language. Sache International Language provides accurate and complete first-person interpretation regardless of country of origin or level of education of the speaker.

Our interpreters analyze the original message and select words that most accurately convey the true meaning of what is said.

How is my call connected to an interpreter?

It’s simple. You simply,

​Dial the toll-free number provided to you

Provide your account information and request the language you need.

In seconds you will be connected to an interpreter. Your account information can be collected by a Customer Agent or via our self-service automated platform. If you need help at any time to identify the limited English speaker’s language our Customer Agents will be happy to help you.

How long does it take to reach an interpreter?

We connect you to an interpreter within seconds once we have your account information. We consistently achieve these results because of the advanced technology we have developed with our years of experience although on some occasions the connection time for a less commonly requested language may be slightly longer.

When can I reach an interpreter?

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your interpreter is available within seconds. On rare occasions, all interpreters for a particular language may be busy.When this happens, we’ll ask you to please wait, or if not an emergency, we will ascertain your phone number and call you every 15 minutes with an update until you are connected to an interpreter or have exhausted all efforts to provide you with one. We consistently service more than 99% of all requests for interpretation.

Can I just transfer a call to your interpreter?

No. The interpreter serves as a communication conduit between you and your limited English-speaking customer and is dependent on you for direction during the call. You will take the lead and provide the subject matter; the interpreter relays the information back and forth.

How do we identify the language that a caller is speaking?

If you do not know which language to request, our trained customer service agents will help you in language identification.

What should I do when the interpreter joins the conversation?

Summarize what you wish to accomplish and give any special instructions to the interpreter. Take the lead by giving the interpreter specific questions to relay. Group your thoughts or questions to help the conversation flow naturally and quickly such as requesting the LEP’s address, phone number in one question.

What should I do to facilitate the interpretation?

Communicate directly with the limited English speaker,avoid slang, jargon, acronyms or technical terms that may not interpret well into other languages and cultures.As you would in any conversation, you may have to clarify points the limited English speaker may not understand. If you need to clarify a point, ask the interpreter right away. All of our interpreters are trained to ask for clarification if you use a term they do not know.

Are your interpreters trained in our industry terminology?

Yes. Sache International Language works with interpreters with specialized training on medical, court, insurance and financial terminology, among others. In addition, our interpreters are required to be familiar with police and 9-1-1 procedures.

We also provide training on customer service skills. Our veteran interpreters have hundreds of hours of experience interpreting and tailoring the interpretation to the various requirements of our customers.

Note: If you use highly specialized terminology, discuss this with your customer service representative beforehand. We may request that you provide us with additional information for training interpreters.

Why do the limited English conversations seem longer than the English?

We require that our interpreters be accurate and to the point. They interpret in first-person for simplicity and brevity. It is important to recognize that they interpret not only across languages, but also across cultures.You can help facilitate the interpretation by making your message easy for the limited English speaker to understand. Clarification and/or elaboration are sometimes needed to explain concepts that do not have an equivalent in other languages or cultures.

What guarantee of confidentiality do I have?

All of our interpreters are covered by professional liability insurance with extended coverage.

In addition, each interpreter signs a confidentiality agreement and is bound by a strict Code of Ethics ensuring that all information pertaining to the work we do for you remains strictly confidential. Interpreters routinely destroy all notes.

Do you monitor calls for quality?

Yes, we have a group of Quality Specialists who regularly monitor calls to ensure interpreter quality. They are bound by a strict Code of Ethics and are trained to focus on the performance of the interpreter, not the conversation.t.

I need an interpreter’s name. How do I get it?

When the interpreter joins the call, you will be given a unique Interpreter Identification Number for your interpreter. Although interpreters will also identify themselves by first name, the Identification Number is how we track our interpreters. We ask that you write down the Interpreter Identification Number for future reference. If you need additional information about an interpreter or a particular call, please call Customer Service at 1-855-924-6573

How do you bill for this service?

The call to our 800 number is free. Usage is billed in one-minute increments and charges begin when the interpreter comes on the line.Your paper or electronic bill will list the date, time and duration of the call, language, interpreter number, the personal code of the person placing the call and our internal reference number.