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Blanche Michelle

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Founder Blanche Michelle, daughter of a Togolese French diplomat and the eldest of 8 siblings, grew up exercising her interpretation and managerial skills in a 21-member 8-language household. In Togolese culture, where infant mortality used to be high, the firstborn holds a special place. To be firstborn is held as the privilege of being alive and to set an example for everybody. Blanche assumed the role imposed by traditions of seniority and honor with all that it implies in caring and accountability.

Her fundamental commitment to helping people flourish opened career doors on three continents to Blanche. First, in distinguished roles serving several international airline businesses in Europe, Africa, and the USA, and next, in nearly two decades managing operations and teams of interpreters for a large language access service agency. It was no surprise when one enterprise-size health care provider decided to work with her when she opened her own business and she soon began provisioning over 50,000 on-site health care interpreting appointments per year. That was 8 years ago, and Sache Language International is still growing.

Today, she asks with gratitude, “What have I done to deserve all this?”

The answer is— A lifetime of experience with language access service and of making things right.

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