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Simultaneous Interpretion

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Planning a multicultural, multilingual event is a challenge! Selecting the right audio technology can make the difference between success and failure. Interpretation equipment that allows the audience to hear the foreign language interpreters must work seamlessly within the existing infrastructure. Sache International Language will help make sure your event goes off without a glitch.

What you need to know

Simultaneous Interpreting is when the speaker and the interpreter are talking concurrently. It is normally used when addressing a large number of people and is sometimes referred to as U.N. style interpretation. This method is ideal for conferences and can involve many interpreters simultaneously interpreting the source language into one of a number of different target languages.

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Simultaneous Interpretation


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Order the number of headsets for each of the people who will be participating.


The interpreter and equipment arrive at your site 30 minutes in advance of your meeting to set everything up and test before you start. Sache will help you make your event a success.
simultaneous interpretation

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