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Who We Are

Founded by Blanche Michelle, daughter of a Togolese French diplomat and the eldest of 8 siblings, who grew up exercising her interpretation and managerial skills in a 21-member 8-language household. Sache International Language is a company based on the belief that smooth communication is the key to success.

Sache providers interpretation service for immigrants, by immigrants. Providing an excellent team of people who have first hand experience breaking down the language barrier and creating outstanding interpersonal relations across all fields.

What Sets us apart

Our Mission
& Values

Integrity — We listen, and we do what we say we will do.

Professionalism — Reliability and skillfulness: the foundation of quality of delivery and of our trusted business relationships.

Community — Community means everyone.

Respect — Respect is the bottom line of effective, productive human communication.

Flexibility —Communities and the demand for healthcare services are both fluid and the only constant is change.

Interpreter Of The Month

Victor Zaborskiy

'Navy Seal'

We call Victor our “Navy Seal”. He takes on the toughest assignments and can be relied on to carry them out successfully every time.

Sache Language International is very proud to honor Victor Zaborskiy as our Featured Interpreter Spring 2020.

In Victor's Own Words

“The local Portland community is very diverse in terms of culture and language. Whereas a younger generation of former Soviet citizens has easily adapted to a new life in the U.S., middle-aged and senior immigrants struggle to familiarize themselves with unchartered territory. I experienced the same struggle when I moved to the U.S. more than 25 years ago. Being multicultural and multilingual (Russian, Ukrainian, and English), I serve as a bridge between my former compatriots and their American counterparts in various settings, such as medical, legal, business, and social.

The medical setting is a very special one, as many customs, traditions, and cultural standards of former Soviet people differ from those of American medical professionals. My responsibility as an interpreter is not to strictly transfer messages from one language to another, but to facilitate an understanding between patient and provider while maintaining strict professional standards. I enjoy seeing that my efforts are appreciated by both patient and provider – instant gratification!

As a freelance contractor with Sache since 2013, I admire the company’s commitment to both efficiency and effectiveness, as well as its responsive team of schedulers. I specifically appreciate the respect that Sache managers show towards all contracted linguists, clients/providers, and patients. Furthermore, Sache is run by French immigrants, and after all, who would understand the needs and emotions of an immigrant better than fellow immigrants?”

Victor's Professional Credentials Include

- Certified by the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI)
- Certified Interpreter for the US Immigration Court
- As a military interpreter, periodically interprets at military exercises hosted by US Department of Defense (DOD).

Victor is also a DOD subcontractor assisting DOD with publications and training programs in Russian and Ukrainian.

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