chief of operations

Marc Michelle

About Marc

I was born the eldest of 2 brothers near the D-Day beaches in Normandie, France. Living by those World War II battlefields, I was constantly exposed to how important freedom is to all people; it is an ideal worth great sacrifice, even of life itself. My community was very aware of this, too. More than 70 years after the liberation of France by the allies, American flags are still flying everywhere in Normandie.

My eyes opened to cultures all over the world and the struggles of immigrants searching for freedom and a better life when I was appointed French Trade Advisor (CEEF), named by French Prime Minister Dominique De Villepin under President Jacques Chirac. Then, I became an immigrant myself in 1996, which drove a tremendous passion in me for the language services industry. Good communication is the key to a good life and here at Sache Language International, we take it up a level. We believe that the best client services come from supporting the whole community and celebrating culture. Let it be known!

director of interpreter services

Miguel Gonzalez

About Miguel

Born last and twelfth in my Hispanic family from Mexico, I had the rare privilege of growing up loved and indulged by everyone, even though nobody let me get away with much. As a result, I love working with people and helping them. It reflects how my family was so kind and caring to me. One of the best ways for a bilingual person here in the USA to help the people in their culture is as a medical interpreter. As a medical interpreter myself, I know the challenges and rewards, including the feeling of successful assignments.

Now with Sache, I get to bring a broad spectrum of interpreting experience and tailored support to recruiting and onboarding our interpreters. It is exciting and fulfilling to deliver exceptional heath care interpreters to our clients. I am so happy to do that in my work with people I admire and enjoy.

director of IT

Ben Brizendine

About Ben

IT services to Sache International Language are provided by Ben Brizendine. Ben is a 25-year veteran of the IT industry and provides IT services to some of the most successful manufacturing organizations in the US. His current client list includes American Machine and Gear, Anderson Brothers, Freightliner, Crane Carrier, and Eaton. For these organizations, Ben has designed and implemented all aspects of Infrastructure, software, and process as it relates to operations, security, and regulatory compliance.

Ben is a Certified Engineer with Microsoft, Meraki, and Cisco, and has spent the past 15 years as a C level executive for the two largest MSP (Managed Service Provider) on the West Coast (ISOutsource and TrueNorth). In these positions Ben developed process automation and reporting tools for stake- holders and employee alike. This methodology led to an average 30% increase in productivity and a 60% improvement in data capture accuracy for his clients.

Ben has also been instrumental in attaining ISO certification for 11 manufacturing organizations.

Customer Service Representative

Leimoana Fakapelea

About Leimoana

My name is Leimoana Fakapelea. I am Tongan-American. Both of my parents migrated from Tonga to the United States after marrying. I was born here and am the youngest with 3 older brothers. We're the first generation of our family considered Tongan-Americans. My husband of 15 yrs. and I are blessed with four kids, but raising three so that my older brother and his wife may adopt one and experience parenthood themselves. It's a sacrifice, but definitely a norm in the Tongan culture; to unconditionally love and to give to others what we receive as blessings.

It's also a practice in our culture that we don't talk about the good deeds we do for others because it takes away the truth of our intentions. As Tongans, we hold the importance of our culture, religion, and family as sacred. I am honored to be here at Sache, to contribute all that I value, and to continue to extend good deeds through assisting families and individuals from many cultures and backgrounds to get the services and care they need.

customer service representative

Syrina Taumoeanga

About Syrina

In their youth, my parents migrated to the U.S. from Tonga trying to find a better life. I am the second eldest of eight, although I was raised by my grandparents in Tonga. One of our cultural beliefs is that when a mother remarries, the daughters in her custody from her previous marriage should live with their grandparents. Our culture is very productive of family. I grew up interpreting for my grandparents as we flew between the two countries. From the age of 5 I helped them through many struggles with the English language, keeping them safe. I feel blessed that I’m in a position to help other Limited English Proficiency families get the help they need. I’m definitely grateful and proud to be part of a company that feels as protective as I do about our clients and their families.

customer service representative

Jessica Ruby Ramirez

About Jessica

My name is Jessica Ruby Ramirez. I am 27 years old and was born the second of five brothers and sisters. I am Mexican-American, and my birthplace is California and was raised there by both my Mexican-American parents. Growing up, I saw my parents struggle to try to give us the best life, although California was and still is very expensive. My parents pushed forward and raised a family who never gives up, teaching us to help one another and care for each other.

I left California and moved to the beautiful state of Oregon to do the same, to push for my goals, and for a happy future family of my own one day. That is the way my family taught me to be - very caring and big hearted – and those ethics brought me to this work at Sache. It is an honor to help patients always get the best care— they deserve it.

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