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On-Site Interpretation

What it is

Professionally trained Interpreters at the ready for your appointments and meetings to help you communicate, bridge the language gap, and achieve your goals.

What you need to know

There is a difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. In consecutive Interpreting, the doctor and interpreter and patient speak in short segments by turn, each taking time to listen and respond. This method works best for health care interpretation, even more so for languages that run reverse of English construction or where words don’t exist in the other language and concepts may need to be explained. This method makes room to accommodate cultural nuances and needs, as well.

how it works

Ordering On-site Interpreting Services


Just call us! Our existing clients can also use our web portal to make an appointment.


Give us the information about your client’s needs, including contact information, language, the subject of the appointment, and any other relevant details.


Sit back. Our trained, culturally competent interpreter will arrive on-site promptly to complete your order.
on-site interpretation

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